Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little quickie

How amazing do these ladies look!! It warmed my heart and brought back fond memories when I saw this. A great little addition to my day. Hope you all enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ouick Little Affair

How much do you love these Sergio Rossi sandals?! I'm sure they're not for everyone but wow do I love them!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marsha McFly

Wedge sneakers..... hmmm the thought conjures up images of the Spice Girls and how my best friend and I use to watch their movie "Spice World" over and over and over. I wanted to be Baby Spice and Amy was Posh. Ahhhh, memories but I digress. So yeah, in my mind wedge sneakers look like this.....

Spice Up Your Life!

But apparently in 2012 they got a bit of a makeover and now they look like this....

Isabel Marant Willow Blue Tongue Sneakers Trainers Boots

 And even though I'm still a little iffy about them I don't totally hate them. Actually they kinda remind me of Marty McFly (greatest last name ever!) from "Back to thefuture".

Marty McFly

So I got to thinking. Since I started this blog I've wanted to take movies that I love and snatch outfits out of them and see if I can tweak them to make them actually wearable. So I'm going to start with Marty McFly. I'll call this one Marsha McFly!

Marsha McFly

Don't forget you Hoverboard!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 Rules I've learned about Hair

I make it no secret that my hair and I are in a constant battle. Like a teenager, it does what it wants, when it wants, without thinking of any one else. But like a parent of an unruly child I am partly to blame (the remaining part I blame on genetics). For the better half of my life I've dyed my hair. I've won some and lost a lot. Right now I love my hair color! But as the saying goes "I've had to kiss a lot of frogs to catch a prince." I've been almost every "natural" hair color you can think of....brown, black, red, all types of blond... strawberry, light, dark, bleach, even greenish. In the beginning I was a firm Do It Yourselfer...but after more than a few oopsies I totally get spending money on a professional. So as someone who's been through a lot with her hair I feel the need to share some rules that I've learned over the years.

1. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE THE WOMAN ON THE BOX. This model/actress/singer/person is designed to make mere mortals feel like shit, has had her hair photo shopped within an inch of its life, and has probably had more extensions than Britney Spears. I wish that companies would put a normal person on the box after she's dyed her hair, then rinsed and blown it out. I picture her wearing that old ratty t-shirt(from an old boyfriend or one she got for free) that has a bunch of old hair dye stains on it.

My surprisingly cute oops hair color with my puppy Baloo

2. YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME PRETTY BIG BALLS TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR AT HOME. "You have to bleach it to go a little lighter," said my best friend Amy. An hour later we were driving to K-mart to get a brown close to my natural hair color, with my hair stashed away in Amy's 311 beanie. Going lighter at home is hard. I've done it but have never had the desired effect that I wanted. Once shockingly it actually turned out a cute strawberry blond which turned into greenish blond after a summer spent in the pool. So good luck but be prepared to smell like bleach for a few days

Great on her... Not on me

3. WAIT A MONTH TO CUT/DYE YOUR HAIR AFTER A BREAK-UP. I never learn my lesson with this one. In high school after my "boyfriend" dumped me (for the 3rd time) and then started dating someone else only 2 days later, I went in to get the Meg Ryan. You know, the Kate and Leopold short and choppy layers Meg Ryan. Which is cute but I have hair that can't make up it's mind. It's curly and wavy and straight all at once not to mention fine and frizzy. Needless to say, this was not a good look. For the rest of the school year I spent my mornings straightening it just to throw it up in a bunny tail (not pony) and sprinkle it with bobby pins. Break-ups suck especially if you're the breakee not the breaker, but you know what sucks even worse? Running into your ex with your not so fabulous spur of the moment hair cut/color.

Wendy Williams Queen of Weaves

4. GIVE IT A BREAK/THE GREAT UNWEAVE AND LEAVE OF 2011. After having my hair bleached for my Faye Ray Halloween costume (I go hard for Halloween) I dyed it back to brown then did an at home "color be gone", then had it dyed to some crappy brownish purple color then tried to go back to brown with highlights that made me look like a tiger. All within a span of 2 months. If you haven't figured it out yet I'm a fan of instant gratification but never learn my lesson. Well, my hair was fried! So in between the nightly deep conditionings, I spent an arm and a leg getting my hair safely to a normal color and had all the unsaveable stuff cut off. It was short, too short for my liking, so I had the bright idea to get extensions but quickly found out that I did not have the money for good extensions. So I bought some cheap ones at Sally Beauty and trucked it on down to the nearest Empire Beauty School. Now I will say, before this I have never had a bad experience at Empire. They are just like a normal salon but with students and all at a fraction of the price. You do take a risk, because even though there are professionals watching and helping, anything can go wrong. So I asked to have my extensions put in. OW! 2 hours later I had my very own mullet. But I was so worried about hurting the girls feelings I said nothing. I left thinking maybe it's not so bad...... When my Dad looked at me sideways and said "What did you do to your hair?" (not the first time he's said that) I knew it was bad. So after only 4 hours of having a weave I sat at my dining room table and winced as my father proceeded to cut it out. The greatest part of it all was a few days earlier my friend Kristi and I were driving downtown at 12 at night and saw a weave on the road. I wondered out loud what the situation would be that a weave would end up in the middle of Blvd of the Allies at 12 o'clock in downtown Pittsburgh. Kristi then said "Well maybe she got into a fight and had to unweave and leave." Later Kristi refereed to my weave story as "The Great unweave and leave of 2011." I guess the moral of the story is to be patient with your hair. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was hair like a Victoria Secret model.

After I wrote this I realized I didn't have any good pictures of my hair. So this is it. Right out of the shower and air dried. P.S. I have no make up on so be nice.

5. IF YOU LOVE IT PUT A RING ON IT. I'm a huge fan of change. I crave it. I have my mother, who believes it is acceptable to move every 3-5 years just cause "it's time" to thank for my love of change. Honestly, if you find a hair style you love keep it that way! It took me until 3 months ago to get through all that hair dye. Last summer I had my hair dyed Ombre. That where it's darker on top then fades into blond. I know it sounds crazy and probably is a fad but I loved it! Well after a few months I got the "change bug" and dyed it a dark brown. Instantly I missed my ombre locks. I thought maybe I'll get use to it but I kept going back and regretting my decision to change. So after I started my new job and found out if it was OK to sport a little bit of funky hair, I got my ombre hair back and I love it. Not only do I get tons of compliments on it but I find it easier to do my hair. Apparently ombre was made for wavy/curly/straight hair. Now that my hair has finally had time to grow out I can let it air dry and get nice beachy waves. So if you love it stick with it. I'm not saying that I'll be an 85 year old woman with Ombre hair but who knows? Plus at 85 I plan on having pastel blue hair just like my Great Grandmother did. Oh, and with really big hats!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Resort 2013 Favorites Part 1

I know I'm a few days, maybe weeks, late on some of these designers but I wanted to share my favorite looks/things from Resort 2013 shows. To be completely honest no one designer really wowed me. Chanel and Marc Jacobs really didn't do anything at all for me. Which is a surprise because I usually love them. But c'est la vie. So here are a "few" of my favorites. More to come soon.

*BCBG Max Azira
Look #8 - Beautiful dress. Normally I try to stay away from big sleeves because they just get in the way but I think it adds a little something extra to the dress.

Look #28 - Who doesn't love the tough/feminine look. This jacket is great. It looks great with a plain dress or even a plain white t-shirt and jeans. As long as whatever else your wearing isn't competing with the jacket.


Look #3 - I adore a good trench! This whole look is so pulled together and just looks so clean and crisp. The bag and shoes are a fantastic compliment to the coat.

Look #22 - I love the pants! The outfit is great. I'm not stoked about the coat but I wouldn't absolutely hate it if it showed up in my closet one day.

*Burberry Prorsum

Look #5 - Great look especially the pants. I like that it's sort of menswear yet has a few femine touches to it. I also think a silk button up with a cropped sweater vest in the same color combination would look great if you didn't want a jacket.

Look #16 - Another trench similar to Belstaff's but just like friends, you can never have too many neutral trenches. Plus who doesn't want an iconic Burberry trench in their arsenal???

Look #31 - I know. I know. Enough Trenches! But look how pretty this one is. How can you say no to that fabric? Shame on you!

*Emilio Pucci

Look #25 - Beautiful dress. I like how it's all done in a white with a slight grayish tint (unless that's the lighting). Beautiful beading as well.

*Erin Fetherston

I wasn't a ginormous fan of the clothes but the head wear I absolutely adored! Cute little crowns and pointed animal ear hats. Adorable! Not saying I would wear them on a regular day but maybe a birthday crown or ears for Halloween.


Look #36 - First off I'm a HUGE lover of this color and if anyone can give me a name for it please do! Second.... great suit! I love this fun tailored look. I feel like I wouldn't wear it all together though. Maybe the pants with a button up or the jacket with black ankle pants and heels. All together though takes some guts and I don't know if I've got what it takes.

*Lela Rose

This majority collection was probably my favorite. It definitely gets better after the first few looks. Great colors, great silhouette just plain beautiful. Not to mention their choice in model was spot on.

Look #8 - I love a red dress! Add a poufy skirt and you have my undivided attention and money.

*Naeem Khan

Look #6 - I'm not crazy about this silhouette but the color and details on the hem are just beautiful.

*Oscar de la Renta

Look #45 - I love love love this dress! The collar is beautiful the fabric is amazing. I can't say enough good things about this dress.

Look #51 - If only I had red carpet events to go to! This dress so sooo fantastic. I love the emerald green and the build is to die for.

*Rachel Zoe

Looks #8 - Both classic and flattering outfits that I would be so happy to build in my closet.

Look #24 - In the words of Rachel Zoe "I Die" for white tux jackets with black lapels! D.I.E! I also go "bananas" for a great exposed platform on a shoe....How about those booties!?

Like I said before...More to come soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dream Bags

When I was little my mother called me a bag lady. At 25 things haven't changed. I adore bags! During the day my philosophy is the bigger the better! At night I'm a clutch manic! I have a pretty sweet (mostly vintage) clutch collection that I'm pretty proud of. Recently I moved into my very own adorable apartment and have been (little by little) making my second bedroom into a dream closet. So as I was going through my bags I realized some serious holes in my bag collection.....Well not really "life or death" holes but there are few missing that I REEEEAAALLLYY want to join the group.

The first one I can completely blame my friend Kristi for..... The Proenza Schouler PS 1 bag. This is one of those bags where I'm not picky on size or color I just love the whole attitude of it. It's classic but yet has that "thrown together" just right slouchyness that I love. The clutch/wallet in this bag is also to die for.

My next new love is the Celine Luggage bag tote. What a beautiful bag! Structured and classy. I've always kinda stayed away from "lady like" totes because I've felt to young and looked like a little kid carrying her mothers purse but with my latest realization that "Holy shit I may be an adult!" I've tried to add a few more classic and lady like pieces to my wardrobe. This bag is perfect. Its grown up yet has a bit of fun left in it.

One that I must say I'm shocked I don't have is a large slouchy pouchy clutch (yes those are all scientific terms). I've found some great ones at American Apparel but have yet to narrow down the right color so I'm being "responsible" and holding off until I do instead of buying them all.

Last but certainly not least is the dreamiest bag of them all.... The Hermes Birkin Bag.  *swoon* Ever since watching Le Divorce (before my fashion obsession took off) I fell head over heels for Hermes' bags. Watching that Kelly bag fly through the air still gives me heart palpitations. Not only does the bag look amazingly chic but Jane Birkin (the Birkin bag muse herself) is one of the coolest people ever. If you ever get a chance read anything you can about her! Not that I would EVER turn down a Birkin bag but my heart truly lies with the ginormous Birkin bags. You know the ones you see Victoria Beckham carrying around looking unbelievably chic. (love her!)

                                                                       Jane Birkin

Ohhhhhhhhhh if only money grew on trees I would be happily making room in my bag collection for this ladies. One each in every color please!

My Boyfriend thinks it's crazy that I carry around a bag that I could possibly fit in.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The begining of something beautiful

My name is Kaitlyn Jones and I fall in love about 50 (give or take a few) times a day. I’m not talking about flowers and hearts, Valentine’s Day, sweet nothings kinda love. I’m talking about"I need that bag to keep breathing." kinda love. A little dramatic,yes I know, but sometimes life calls for some dramatics. Thankfully I have a job that has some serious down time! So I do what anyone from ages 16 to 114(age of Maria Gomes Valentim i.e. the oldest living person) does when they're bored...I surf the web (on my awesome kindle fire). Pinterest, style.com,buzzfeed, twitter, incrediblethings.com....the list goes on and on and I go gaga for things! I pin on pinterest like it’s my job. I create wish lists and favorite lists on tons of store sites. I send silly little pictures to my poor family and friends without hesitation whether they like it or not.  So for a while I’ve wanted to start a blog about my findings. I'll probably sprinkle a few post in there about my life,random thoughts and just plain bored gibberish. So now I’m biting the bullet and doing it! Hope you enjoy it!