Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Acceptance Letter

I finally got my acceptance letter! No not to college to BIRCHBOX! I'm off the waiting list and my very first Birch Box is on its way. Which is perfect timing because I've been in total overhaul mode with my beauty routine. Everyday its the same stuff over and over and over. Well I will give myself credit. I do mix a red lip in there whenever I'm feeling the need for a saucy pick-me-up. I mean my routine isn't terrible and I can get it all done in under 3 minutes (as I proved this morning). But as we all know I adore change and I am really looking forward to trying out some new things.


So that ^ was a few weeks ago and IT'S HERE! My first birch box came and its completely worth it! The packaging was adorable and the products are awesome. Here's what I got...
*Boscia, BB Cream SPF 27 PA++ - Considerng I just ran out of my Garnier BB cream yesterday this is perfect. I used it this morning and was a little worried about how dark it was but believe me when it says "The sheer formula adjusts to match your skin tone." They're not blowing smoke up your ass. It really does! Also it has a great light "did I forget to put that on?" feeling. I am definitely getting this....when the sample runs out. For $38 a bottle its a bit more than I'd usually pay but you can't put a price on good skin.
*Color Club, Birchbox Custom Polish - It's a beautiful blue and I can't wait to try it out. I know what I'm doing tonight!
*Juicy Couture, Viva la Juicy La Fleur - I'm not a huge fan of it but it's a pretty smell. Not a keeper for me but I'll probably keep it in my purse for emergency spritzings.
*Sedu, Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment with Pure Aryan Oil - Holy crap it smells amazing! Oh and it works! I put a bit in my hair last night when it was damp and my curls came out manageable and soft. I put a little in my hair this morning where my pillow frizzed it up and it worked beautifully. I have pretty fine hair and this didn't weight it down at all. Definitely a keeper.

*Twistband, Hair Tie - I have been meaning to try these out but buying 100 for $2.00 cheap ones are so much more.... well cheaper. But after I try this maybe I'll pony up and buy more.
*Tili, Bag - It's just this cute little plastic bag with a pretty design. Makes me want to get more and fancy up my bagged lunches.
Along with a little magazine with some DIY tips that was it. And it was way more then I expected. I definitely recommend getting on the list and trying it out. It's $10 a month but think when you buy a huge bottle of a new beauty product and don't like it your out more money than $10. Plus you can try things you never even thought of. Anyway, have fun gettin' your beauty on!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Smelling Memories

About a week ago I ran out of the perfume I've been wearing for a bit now, Vera Wang's Lovestruck... I usually change smells every time they run out just to keep it interesting but there's a few I keep around because I love them and they bring back wonderful memories. Like the other morning I was running around getting my things together and just slapped on the first perfume I could find. In my rush to get to work on time and not park in a garage that cost an arm and a leg I didn't really take the smell in. But for some reason even with being late and my hair looking a hot mess I was in a good mood. When I finally sat down at my desk and took a deep breath and a wave of memories came back. I was wearing Aguolina's Pink Sugar the same perfume I got right before my boyfriend and I started dating. All these memories came rushing back, our first date at Piccolo Forno, our second date when we saw 50/50 and I cried, the first hand hold and our first kiss. I couldn't help but smile and think of how lucky I am that I get to have him. Sorry! Enough of the cheesy stuff! Anyway my point is that it's an amazing way to start your day. A smell can trigger so many memories and it amazes me every time. So today I'm going to share my favorite smells and what or who they remind me of. Also I suggest you check them out if you haven't already. You can never own too much perfume BUT you can have too much on (we've all made that mistake) so spritz lightly ladies!

Escape by Calvin Klein for Women
The perfume my mom wore when I was growing up
Escape by Calvin Klein
Reminds me of my Grandma Pat. I absolutely love Chanel #5

Reminds me of going to the Drive In with my family when I was a wee one
Wild Honeysuckle

Reminds me of a perfume my older sister had when she was in high school and I use to sneak sprays of
White Citrus

This is the perfume I was wearing when my boyfriend and I first started dating
Aquolina's Pink Sugar

The perfume I just ran out of. It's fantastic and reminds me of starting my new job and this past summer
Vera Wang's Lovestruck

These ones I don't have but have smelled and are on my Nose's Wish list!
Jennifer Aniston

Coach's Poppy

Taylor Swift's WonderStruck

Ralph Lauren's Romance


Monday, September 10, 2012

My Ox Blood moment

Sound like something out of Carrie, I know, but honest it's a fantastic and flattering color that you should try. I stayed away from dark red for awhile because of two reason. 1. Maroon and Grey were my high school colors and I had enough of them by 18 and 2. it always conjured up thoughts of "Twilight" and I am not a huge fan of that whole situation. But now thanks to the new fall lines I'm completely digging it. Now, I can't bring myself to do the dark red lipstick (mostly because I grew up in the 90's and want to avoid any trend from then) but I did tried out a dress from H&M in Ox Blood for my boyfriend's cousin's wedding (her dress was beyond amazing!) and absolutely loved it. So I've found a few things (below) that could ease you into the color as well. Enjoy!

Love this Leather Jacket!
www.hm.com for stores

The Dress I wore to the wedding.
www.hm.com for stores

Great front pleat pants!

I love a good crossbody purse


A little Ox Blood on the nails