Monday, September 10, 2012

My Ox Blood moment

Sound like something out of Carrie, I know, but honest it's a fantastic and flattering color that you should try. I stayed away from dark red for awhile because of two reason. 1. Maroon and Grey were my high school colors and I had enough of them by 18 and 2. it always conjured up thoughts of "Twilight" and I am not a huge fan of that whole situation. But now thanks to the new fall lines I'm completely digging it. Now, I can't bring myself to do the dark red lipstick (mostly because I grew up in the 90's and want to avoid any trend from then) but I did tried out a dress from H&M in Ox Blood for my boyfriend's cousin's wedding (her dress was beyond amazing!) and absolutely loved it. So I've found a few things (below) that could ease you into the color as well. Enjoy!

Love this Leather Jacket! for stores

The Dress I wore to the wedding. for stores

Great front pleat pants!

I love a good crossbody purse


A little Ox Blood on the nails


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