Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pittsburgh Vintage Scene

Pittsburgh has a great selection of vintage stores. I mean we're not NYC but it works.
*Hey Betty! on Ellsworth in Shady Side is one of my top favorites.

I got this dress from Hey Betty! after seeing it on the mannequin in the window. I came back a few days later with my fingers crossed hoping no one else got to it. I have yet to wear it due to my lack of fancy events but I still need to get the hole in the back fixed so its probably for the best. I've added a few clutches to my collection from here as well and absolutely adore the hat and gloves selection they have. One of my favorite things about this store is the lighters and cigarette holders. They are so beautiful they almost make me want to smoke....almost.

*Eons, which is also on Ellsworth, has a great selection. The hats are to die for. Every time I go in with my friend and fellow vintage hunter Kristi, I always say "Let's bring hats back.". We never do but its still a goal of mine.

I got this fantastic hat from Eons for my Faye Ray costume for Halloween. You can not miss the clutch case. They have some absolutely amazing bags in there. Not to mention tons of mumus and robes that would be fantastic to lounge around in.

*Yesterday's News on Carson Street in South Side was my first Pittsburgh vintage shop and my favorite place to get clutches. The women at the counter is absolutely amazing! She always knows what era the bags are from and has the best information on them. She even offered to have me bring in my whole collection so I can know more about each one. Going into this store makes me feel like I'm about to discover something amazing probably because I always leave with something. The bag below (I call it my candy dot bag) was one of my most recent finds from Yesterday's News. 

One of my other favorite vintage finds that is not from Pittsburgh are my lavender sparkly heels. I adore these shoes! They are so much fun to dress up or down and they're comfortable. Normally I have a hard time walking in pumps without ankle straps (I know I NEED to learn) but these are very easy and walkable.

Vintage shopping is one of my favorite pastimes but I definitely have to be in the mood to look. I always go in with an opened mind because you never know what you'll find. Always look for holes and stains and no matter how cute or perfect for you it is make sure it can be fixed. If it can't don't waste your money. If you find shoes or purses that you love but are a little worse for the wear don't hesitate to take them to a cobbler or someone who works with those kinds of things. Changing "hard wear" i.e. buttons, zippers, clasps, and handles on vintage things can bring new life to an old garment and I highly recommend it. And yes there will be that "old mothball smell" but that can be fixed with a trip to the laundromat or dry cleaners. Maybe even some Febreze or Chanel #5. Happy Vintage Hunting!

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